Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kobo Sales are added to the USA Bestsellers list

USA Today added Kobo ebook sales to their bestsellers list, they join a host of other retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Buy a Nook, get 30 free books!

Wow. If you're planning to jump onto the Nook wagon, better do it now!!  If you compare your ereader to a Nook and buy a Nook will get 30 free books (They decide which 30 you get)!  Press release after the break

Amazon has yet to change it's iOS Kindle app. Strategy?

Tomorrow is the big day when the Apple Hammer is supposed to come down on all those who do not comply with Apple's demands, either selling through the app store (and giving 30% to Apple) or removing all links that point to an outside store.

So far Amazon hasn't done anything, and some people think that they may try and call Apple's "bluff" and announce their new tablet with the news that Apple won't allow the Kindle app on iOS devices with how it stands right now.  That would be a gutsy move on Amazon's part - and it may give them the publicity they need in a market so strongly dominated by Apple.

What do you think?  Will Amazon use this as their entry into the tablet world?

Get new Fonts on Kindle: No Hacking Required

Chris over at Book Sprung was playing around with a Calibre plugin that allows Collections to be added to the Kindle from the comfort of ones computer when he discovered that the plug in could do a lot more!  It can change the font on the Kindle too!!  It turns out that the developer of the plugin also has detailed instructions on the MobileRead forums.  After the break I've Cut and Paste the instructions.  Happy Reading!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Good First Week! Comments are now open!!

We've been at it for a week with better than expected results!!

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Amazon Threatens To Close CA Associates Program

Amazon sent a letter to those in their California Associates Program stating that if a new online sales tax is approved Amazon will shut the program down for those California residence.  This is not the first time that Amazon has taken such action as other states have been similarly cut from the program due to similar taxes.

The letter is after the break:

ComiXology CEO Talks About the Future of Digital Comics

ComiXology is an application that allows users to buy and download digital comics from various publishers and view them on numerous devices such as android devices, iPad, iPhone or on the net.  They have deals with comic book "superpowers" such as DC and Marvel along with other smaller one.

Today, David Steinberger, the President and CEO of ComiXology gave an interview with eBookNewser discussing the usual topics (formatting, devices, future plans etc...).

Steinberger feels that the digital comic field will expand as more comic book publishers start releasing their comics in the digital format, and he hopes that many will follow the same example as DC in releasing the digital version the same day as the print.  As well, he hints to a possible future release on to the Nook Color reader - although it seems he has never actually used one.

You can read the interview here.